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Shampoo soap bar: A small guide on how to use a shampoo soap bar for your hair


Upgrades are always inevitable in cosmetics and body care products and a new formulation now are the shampoo soap bar. Liquid shampoo-filled in bottles are what we grew up with but now a fully organic shampoo bar for protecting your hair has become popular. These days many use a natural shampoo bar to have their hair maintained healthily as chemicals products ruin the health of hair. But still, one thing everyone misses is the technique of shampooing whether it is a soap or shampoo bar it’s important to get a guide on how to use a shampoo bar.

Why technique is important?

A hair is supposed to be handled gently even the bathing procedure must be known so that you get better results on your hair. You might wonder why a technique for hair wash, more than a technique it’s like instructions to wash hair with soap shampoo bar. As bars are different from liquid shampoo that can easily spread through hair strands while washing.

Direct use:

Wet your hair thoroughly from roots to the tip and rub the bar adding water smoothly like combing the hair. Then add more water and keep rubbing your gently until heavy lather picks up this will be helpful to get your hair tangled. Don’t apply on the hair just the lather running down while rinsing the hair would be enough.

Lather use:

Not much of a difference but for the new switch to shampoo bars from shampoo just rub the bar on your hands with running water and rub nicely till lather forms. Then apply the lather on scalp hair and massage gently on hair by adding more and more water. This way you can avoid soap pockets sticking to your hair and will be the best choice for people with long hair.