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Wedding day hairstyles: How to pair your hairstyles with wedding veils?


Wedding day is the dream of the day for every bride and the special day must be the day they look perfect from all sides. Every tiny thing has a big role on a wedding occasion especially the hairstyle that has a big part in the appearance of the bride. But the confusion is the time when the hairstyle the bride chose and the veil meets up because they need a match-up. When this pairing wedding hairstyles and veils arises thank god people with short hair are blessed, they can pair up as they wish their attire to be.

A long or medium hair you need to look through it cause the theme of the wedding, your dress all adds up with hairstyle and veil. Bridal stylists make some advice on how to pair up the combo let’s see what catches your attention.

Half-up hairstyles:

Half-up hairs have quite been seen these days brides do this can have their veil tuck under the half-bottom of the hairstyle. Though commonly the half-up, loose hair and bun are commonly known hairstyles that look perfect with a veil but how we make a difference depends on us. A designer comb on the half-bun or flowers can add a carefree look. The veil must be under the half-up so the style is visible using single beads or a hairband turn your elegance mode on.

bridal stylistsGet wavy with veil:

If you are going to keep it minimal with just loose wavy or curly hair then no worries you have plenty of options. In a vintage style, you can just clip them on top of your head with your hairstyle visible. If not fix it at the top of your head so that your free hair is visible on the sides running down your shoulders. Mantilla veils are one more option that covers almost all of your head with that you can rock your side-swept hairstyles too.

The bun time:

From the old times to wear a wedding veil with a updo has been a bang-on combo that has still been updated often. A simple birdcage veil does not take much of a space but still, the veil is with you and everybody can see your hairstyle. A chignon with a hair updo or a braided bun makes the best combo ever with white beads matching your wedding dress fix the veil above the bun.