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Exfoliating the skin: What are the procedures based on the types of skin?


Exfoliation of the skin is nothing but a procedure to remove the dead cells from the skin’s outermost layer. Every facial kit, masks, and face scrubs do this to the skin to remove dead skin cells and promote new cells. Though this procedure is a regular call when you age or the weather you live in might affect it. With the help of exfoliating acids in skincare, we do soft therapy which could be gentle on your skin during exfoliation, unlike old ways that will be rough. If dead skin cells are not exfoliated it slowly damages the skin making it dull and flaky leading to blackheads.

Types of components:

Commonly there are few ways of exfoliating skin as masks, toners, and exfoliators but the basic components are mild acids that are a result of scientific development. The type of exfoliating acid is quite a few and still in progress but don’t worry they are meant for your skin and never harm.

  • (AHA) Alpha hydroxy acids
  • (BHA) Beta hydroxy acids
  • (PHA) Polyhydroxy acids
  • Retinoic acids

These are 4 acids category that is mainly used in exfoliation of skin but AHA and BHA are the heavy competitors. Citric acids, lactic acids these kinds of mild natural acids fall under the AHA and they are water-based but BHA acids are oil-based meaning they penetrate through the skin deeply to heal. PHA is on similar stands with AHA but the difference they make irritation and effects are less in PHA acids. Retinoids are derived from a group of molecular vitamins and are helpful in anti-aging.

types of skin

Types of skin and care:

We have skin types such as dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, and a few more added up we classify skin. Every skin has a different texture which makes different exfoliators react on them.

Combination skin- Just as name it can rely on salicylic acid or lactic acid and choose what suits you after testing.

Dry skin- is prone to damage by external exposure and acids so while looking through exfoliating acids for each skin type use products with less acid content. Lactic acids and mandelic acids could be of better hope since curd or yogurt has lactic acid it can be helpful as a natural ingredient.

Oily skin- Known for more acne and oily texture salicylic acid is the one for people with oily skin it helps to cleanse the clogged pores and keep hydrated.