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From real beauty features to event styling shoots, beauty fashion, news and practical ideas, Courtney Rossi Artistry brings together the voice of – not just our editorial team – but beauty industry professionals and real-life woman from all over the world! Our purpose is simple: to share inspiration and stories that help woman plan a routine that is uniquely theirs and just “feels good”. Joining and setting up your profile page is easy!

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We work year-round to market your business, ensuring that you get the most out of your listing. We’ll check-in with you, we’ll promote you to our network, we’ll share industry inspiration and resources, we’ll shout your name in Facebook groups…consider your partnership with us like buying your own in-house cheerleader.

Our directory members are truly something special, and joining this membership allows you to gain access to, not just advertising, but the ability to use our platform and benefits to market your business.

Why Choose Courtney Rossi Artistry?

We abide by our values and work hard to create an inclusive website for all. The businesses that partner with us embrace this mission as their own. Read our inclusion and diversity statement here.

Plus, Courtney Rossi Artistry is not just one website, publication or blog. We’ve created a multitude of titles that shine a spotlight and elevate voices around different aspects of beauty. For advertisers, this is beneficial as it connects you with a targeted audience to best suit you.

Courtney Rossi Artistry: shares a unique perspective on beauty from the point of view of vendors. Includes expert interviews, product and event news, and even a beauty industry jobs board. No big sales pitches here. Instead, Courtney Rossi Artistry takes an honest look behind-the-scenes and offers words of advice to our readers.

Courtney Rossi Artistry: a space that acts as the voice of woman. You showcases real beauty stories written by woman themselves to create a spot for readers to connect and inspire one other.

Courtney Rossi Artistry: featuring DIY beauty projects, recipes and step-by-step instructions, Courtney Rossi Artistry is for readers who are inspired by a homemade, often sustainable, but always personalised approach.