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Few reasons why your skin gets oilier and is that a good or bad thing for your skin?


Glassy bright, smooth and clear skin is the dream every girl is looking forward to but not all skin types are the same. Every skin tone and type has different problems and the oily faces have quite a lot more. It will give your face a shine but it will be oily all the time letting way to pimples and other skin problems. But many think the reasons you have oily skin is that because of food habits and yes, it is but not only that. That becomes wholesome trouble as always, your make-up wears off so easily added with skin problems.


A skin is a sensitive area where everyone must put the best care on and the reasons might not be the ones that you could control all the time. Let’s list the few things that causes oily skin and the main scientific theory is the oil glands under the skin pores. Everybody’s body has oil glands and the people with oily skin produce more oil and that is where the trouble starts.

Food habits:

It’s the most well-known reason that all people even the ones without oily skin knew about and that is why we need to put more care into what we eat. The diet we follow adds ups some space for healthy skin so if we eat lots of oily foods that results in oily skin so rely on fruits and vegetables.


This reason is something you can’t take control of as genetics works before you are born. If any of your parents have oily skin then there are more chances for a person to inherit that trait genetically.

healthy skin


The skincare habits we follow will pave way for it though you were not aware of it before make sure to do it hereafter. Because the wrong skincare products and skincare habits that making skin oily can make your skin get damaged too. Every product is based on skin type so if you use the wrong one it only increases the oil secretion on your skin.

Big pores:

Facial pores are a big reason for that but not many are aware of it because not many know about skin pores. Age, stress, fluctuations whatever the reason might if the facial pores are larger they keep secreting oil and will cause damage to the skin which must be cured