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Lip contouring: How to do your perfect lip contour like a pro with a small guide on it?


A perfect plump lip is a beauty added fact to your face but not all have got that while if you don’t makeup helps you make them. Isn’t make-up a tool to fill up the imperfections we feel in our skin and face so that we get the perfect look? It’s not like people don’t know about contour just like the one for highlighting your cheeks this way highlights your lips. A perfect method would be to contour your lips and highlight them with the right colors and lip liners so that your plump lips shape up perfectly.

Going for needles shouldn’t be an option if you can create an illusion like your lips are plump and fluffy. For you don’t need any mastered skills just know-how is your lip and understand how to make it better just by makeup.

plump lip

How to get on it?

  • The first thing to do before making your lips like ripe fruit thing is really important to moisturize them or exfoliate them so they get a better shape. Apply a concealer that matches your skin tone so that the lipstick is evenly distributed and your natural lip color does not stand out.
  • Very important to choose the perfect lip liner with a matching shade of your lipstick but a bit darker than your color. To put that simply a take a lip liner a tone darker and draw the line on the outer area of the lip. Some even use two liners like the exact tone and a darker tone so that the plumpness gets illuminated on the lips.
  • Then the real procedure for plump lips begins now take lipstick or even a concealer of your choice to work on the lips. Cover the mid and corners first with the lipstick to show that when fully applied it looks highlighted and gets a full plump pop up.
  • Using fingers to apply the highlighter and spread the lipstick so that they evenly spread on your lips. Lip gloss could help with highlighting the lips too but apply it at the center which makes the center to be raised with the corners making a pout.

Now you through the ideas to do lip contour like a pro on your own hands though it might be confusing at first you might get used to it. However, there is a tip using clear powder before using liners will make lipstick long-lasting.