Makeup Ideas

Top 3 Classic eye-makeup ideas to make your wedding day look more elegant


A wedding day is a special occasion and every bride wants their look from head over heels to be on top-notch. Make-up is key to the best look on the wedding for a bride eye-makeup must be catchy to catch everyone’s attention on you. Many brides-to-be go through classic wedding makeup tutorials to get their perfect look on the best of their life. But before you get through that there are some secret tips that will help you get through with it.

eye-makeupIdeas that to be considered priorly:

Top bridal stylists and make-up artists give plenty of suggestions based on their experience and one idea that you must be clear about is skin tones and eye shape. Many believe it has a bright color to make it attractive but it’s different from what a professional sees it. When you get through the wedding eye makeup ideas the skin tone, shape of eye and face, the way the lashes are placed, the idea and style the bride want all matters. The eye color of a person is the key to choose eye makeup so make sure to get through your stylist tips, now for mini tips.

Handy tips for brides:

Tip:1 Photos are the important thing to keep your special day memory lifelong for that your make-up must be on point. As in indoor or outdoor your photoshoots are soft tones, pale tones and neutral colors could be a better option so that your eyes look charming.

Tip:2 Consider your eye color before making makeup because with hazel or blue you must be with brown or copper-gold so that you don’t look odd. To be precise wedding makeup for every eye colour differs a lot.

Tip:3 The lashes shouldn’t be overboard if your eyes are small then make your eyebrows and lashes thin and fitting.