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How to properly use a conditioner on your hair after a shampoo a small guide?


Having a big day or some special occasion want your hair to be perfect from roots to its tips and stay in its place. Hair plays a main role in a person’s look and appearance but it never listens as your wish sometimes that is why you need it in the best condition. When you are on the streets and you want everybody to admire your hair it’s what everyone wishes to but the exposure and frizz in hair might turn it down. That is why everyone use conditioner after shampoo this way it can condition the hair and control the frizz making it silky and smooth.

Many have taken it as a regular ritual like if you do shampoo you do condition together but do, they know how to use a conditioner. Short or long curly or straight it is your hair strands must stand in their place so that you can enhance your look. Now we can take a short note on how to apply conditioner to hair this way you will only benefit.

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Condition hair:

Though at earlier times conditioner leads to hair loss at the initial stage it only removes weak hairs and later we get better results from them. You know they play the main role in the health of your hair and that is why they are popular in spas and parlors. You might wonder why to possess the idea of the proper way to use a conditioner this vigorously because the results will be on your side if you follow them. Few tips listed down can be helpful for you to know about it prevents your hair from damage.

  1. The first thing is the amount of conditioner a single dollop of conditioner is enough for short or medium hair and 2 dollops when your hair is strong.
  2. Never let your conditioner touch the roots of your hair it will lead to hair fall surely.
  3. Except for an inch near the roots of your hair strands, the rest of all hair can get applied to the conditioner and let set it.
  4. Wash the hair after 3 to 5 minutes after conditioner depending on the length of your hair.
  5. Using a hair serum after shampoo and conditioner will increase the effects of conditioner on the hair.
  6. Using essential oils on hair regularly could do wonders in conditioning the hair if they are regularly used.