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Is your waxing more painful? Simple ideas to make your waxing less painful


Waxing is one nightmare that brings a wholesome fear in the minds of the ones who get through them just for your flawless skin. Just because of the fear of pain many proceed with shaving but that has many downsides like cuts, infections, dense hair growth and more. But if there is a chance to make waxing less painful then surely many will get through it without fear. Here we go with some tips and ideas to deal with waxing pain.

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Ideas to make waxing less painful:

If you are about to have waxing prepare your skin earlier to deal with waxing pain as prior and post-care ideas will also make the procedure an easy task for you and your skin.

  • Hard wax or strip wax would be a better option than soft wax as they are meant for sensitive areas so they even easily remove ingrown hair.
  • Avoid waxing around and on your periods for about 5 days and wax in sensitive areas few days after periods will make your pain tolerable.
  • Don’t jumble your hair removal between waxing and shaving that reacts harshly on your skin.
  • Don’t work out for at least 3 to 4 hours after the waxing procedure.


  • Use scrubs or serum a few earlier to wax so that skin gets exfoliated so that your skin feels less pain and keep the pace of procedure fast.
  • Never wear be hard on your skin for at least 24 hours after wax avoid tight clothes, steam, hot shower.
  • Use natural aloe vera on your skin right after waxing.

Tip Time:

You saw through the ways to relieve waxing pain but for the first-timers use a cold compress to make the area numb and so you don’t feel the pain. An easy step is to have a pain reliever half an hour before wax.